And, As The Momentum Continued;


I felt strongly encouraged to continue seeking answers. I could see that no matter who was asking the questions or where they were along the path of their life journey people were struggling to find their voice and hear their own true message. The desire and passion to find their answer had tremendous energy. There was no doubt! So much so, in fact, that many people would turn to others (family, friends, co-workers, community, society) for approval and validation and from those messages the person would form an opinion of who they should ‘be’. Now for some, because the messages they receive from others became more impactful than those they tell themselves, the ‘true self’ has become deeply hidden. You tell yourself 'you' are not 'good enough'. Your true self therefore, becomes hidden. "I have to hide (me) in order to become more like you, then I'll belong!"

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And, the voice began to recognize its Fear;


A true authentic self has its own language. It uses its own words. It hears its own messages. That sounds so simple, though, doesn’t it? Sure, it makes sense and sounds easy enough to find if we pay attention, yet; here we are. Do you know why you are caught up in the cycle of not knowing? Do you know why it's becoming more and more difficult for you to ignore your authentic voice? I do. I believe the answer lies within the messages you hear and how you understand them. And, I know when you speak to me I will intuitively know how to rephrase your words into the their true meaning so you will then begin to understand your own unique language. We begin right here. Your key will help you to understand some of your fears and your new language will help you to discover ideas you may never have ever dreamed you would!


And, I Learned People Are Fearful to Discover Who They Truly Are;


Your true authentic self.

I believe you are fearful not because you are weak but rather because you just don’t know which message you can trust. Too many people with too many messages thinking they know how you are truly supposed to be. Too many with too much negativity.

How does one find themselves in that?

You learn how to understand your own language and hear your very own message. You find your key, your vibe, your frequency. Whatever you call it, you find YOU. No label but a sentient being. A You/Me/A whole live being!


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And, We Learn From a Language Which Contains Many Messages;


There is a deeper level of communication created by your unique life experiences and understanding and it expresses itself to you all of the time.

It has ancient roots in so much as it's been around for generations. But, your unique internal language is your very own. It is incredibly distinct and it took years to develop.

Fascinatingly, it became your story! Your narrative, as it were. But, just who wrote this story and, is the story fact, fiction, or, a combination of both? What book is this?

This very book is now in your hands. You will recognize your message and you will know what to write. You will learn to listen and to trust your own voice. You will hear, U.

Chapter One: Powerful and Growing (and-U: are now ready).