I Sincerely Commit to Provide You With;

  • Insight, Wisdom, Patience, Non-Judgment
  • Many years of knowledge and experience
  • An opportunity to problem-solve a specific event
  • A multitude of various tools and resources to draw upon in order to get the best possible results
  • A genuine belief in you that you are navigating your life journey, and you are ready for your next chapter
  • A method of learning how to give yourself permission to be happy
  • We will explore options and choices that offer you a strong, positive, peaceful direction to move forward in
  • A pathway to experience inner peace


We are going to work together. That’s right, YOU are going to work! We are a team now and we are going to navigate this chapter in your life journey together. Therefore, the time has come to commit yourself to the notion that these next steps are necessary and without them, you may not be able to fill in some of those spaces inside that are feeling a bit lost, empty, and uncertain.


Be Prepared, Intuitive Readings Are Highly Insightful And Extremely Accurate;

Are you wondering what your next move/direction may be? Wondering what's holding you back? Or; What can move you forward?
I can help you gain some clarity there that may indeed offer the answer.

I will send you three questions to think about and answer. When you have the answers you will send them back to me and I will 'decode/read' them. 

From there, you and I will video-conference and you will have a clearer understanding of where your energy and direction need to be focused and you will also gain a heightened sense of self-awareness, peace, and clarity surrounding your decision. We will develop your answer 'key'.

$75.00 (plus HST)

Solutions Based Counseling;


-Are you finding yourself going around in circles over a certain issue or decision? Just can’t quite decide which is the best way to turn?
-Are you preparing for a job interview and need a little direction on how to stay focused?
-Are you in conflict with someone right now and would like to improve your communication skills so you can approach them about it?
-Where are you stuck right now? Do you know?

You and I will work together to devise a specific outline to move you in a forward direction toward a positive resolution. You and I will discover how change can occur once we apply some solutions to the problem and, in so doing, you will reduce your stress and anxiety surrounding it. You’ll feel much more prepared once you’ve had a chance to apply the new skills that you will learn.

Sessions will be delivered virtually and the total number of sessions will be determined by need. I will design a package unique to you and your challenge/project.

Packages are sold in increments of three-session (50-minute virtual) bundles at $375.00 (plus HST) per bundle.


Strategic Life/Relationship Coaching;

You are about to embark on a mission. One which will challenge almost everything you know about how you think. Your mind and body are going to fight the change.

Can you recall how it feels when you are taking on a new employment position? How about when you are trying to adapt to using a new telephone or another electronic device? The challenge, yes? You get it!

Your mission here is going to require you to go deep in toward your core. We're going to 'go back' to reflect over some of the areas where some of those life messages you received may have thrown you off-track and we're going to figure out where to lay new tracks that will truly belong to you!

The initial package includes five (50-minute) virtual sessions and some homework. $550.00 (plus HST).
Subsequent bundles are available in three-session bundles at $330.00 (plus HST).